New Design. A work in progress.

So.. I've felt that we have been neglecting this blog for some time now and I thought that i'd go with a little more website feel to it as opposed to a blog. And since we dont really have much artwork and such for our band I went with the clean look of our debut album "END of THE CHAYOT". I hope that you'll like it and I will try to get more stuff up here as soon as I find the time. For more day-to-day stuff you should join us at

KOLOSS and Signo Rojo @ Victoriakällaren on April 30

Yes we have invited fellow Swedes Signo Rojo from Karlshamn to come and do a show together with us at Victoriakällaren in Vetlanda. It will be a perfect night for metal and I can promise everyone a Lady Gaga free evening. So come down to Victoriakällaren for some great music. See you there

Running low on free downloads!!

We're almost out of free download credits on but we'll get more on the 13th.
So until then you can download END of THE CHAYOT at either or

What is KOLOSS up to???

Some of you might wonder what we are up to so i thought that i'd shed some light on our situation.
We played this gig in Vetlanda (for a bunch of kids basically) and that went great. And we really needed to do that so that's that. But now we want something more serious. We need to book alot of shows and we're looking for people willing to book us. And we've taken the matter in to our own hands and are now making plans to do another show here in our hometown Vetlanda with another band from a more southern Swedish town (Sorry, can't reveal who just yet). And this will take place at Victoriakällaren where fellow bands Kongh and Blåslampa did a show about a month ago. We're really exited about this and we hope that we can play alot of more places this spring and summer. Also we're still promoting our debut EP "END of THE CHAYOT" as much as we can. We still have some CD's left for sale if you are interested in getting your hands on the "real deal". Just send us an e-mail to if you're interested.
And it is still available for download at, or Thank you all for your support!


Our first demo/album is now in produktion.
A 100 copies will be made this first time around and if there's need for more then we will make more.
We are also working together with this netlabel called "BlackRock Records". Check them out here!